Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pursuing Greatness 2012 - Confidence is not one thing, it's Everthing.

Anyone who is an avid sports fan immensely enjoyed watching the #Olympics2012, and all the amazing athletes shine in their respective sport. We've been in awe of the Fab Five's, Gabby Douglas, [#GabbyUSAGold] and her resilience in the face of adversity; and energized by the Dream Team 2012 and their relentless pursuit of the gold. With all the greatness surrounding these games, it started me to thinking about one's pursuit of greatness, and how do we achieve it along the arduous journey?

When I started the Korin Black Project almost 3 years ago, my Fiancé gave me an excerpt from Investor's Business Daily that lists their 10 Secrets To Success:

One trait on the list is How you Think is Everything. A positive perspective is essential to becoming successful. You must think success and NOT failure. In order to do this, you must be cognizant of negative environments and people. Another important trait is to decide upon your true dreams and goals as well as Take Action; Goals Are Nothing Without Action. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Started. Another important trait, is the notion to Never Stop Learning; without knowledge, you're left void and unable to achieve.

Making the transition from high school senior to college freshman can be a daunting experience. You most certainly need the above traits, but you also need one that's not mentioned in this article. Confidence is typically seen as faith within one's self; and it's something that I think no successful person lives without. In my opinion it's the most important trait of all. How can an athlete have the courage to compete for the gold medal when they don't even believe in themselves? How is anything in life possible if YOU don't believe in YOU?

To achieve our own pursuit of greatness, we must take the above traits with us but, we also must believe that it's possible. We have to TRAIN our minds to have a positive thought process. On this journey into the unknown realm of collegiate life, I challenge you to take action. I challenge you have faith in YOU and to believe that anything is possible when you apply yourself. I ask you to climb that balance beam and separate yourself from mediocrity; drive straight to the basket and become the person you dream.

Confidence is not one thing, it's everything in life; without it, our golden dreams of achievement remain just that....a dream.
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